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Style is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.


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A creation that is made by hand provides the owner with a sense of uniqueness, and it expresses the craftmanship and the love of the person who conceived and materialised it.

Lovingly Handcrafted

The handmade product connects the creator with the person who will own it in a special way. This is what we offer with our 100% handmade products. We managed to transform the most emblematic female accessory to a unique creation of exceptional quality and stunning aesthetic.

Each one of our handmade products is a result of an uncompromising process, hard work and commitment, constantly driven by the highest standard of professionalism and craftmanship.

High Quality Materials

We chose materials of exceptional quality, we pay full attention to every single detail, all finishing touches are completed to perfection, all this with tremendous love for each unique creation. Thanks to its adaptable design, our handmade bag can be worn in different ways depending on the circumstance (i.e. shoulder, hand, envelope style).

We want to hear from you

By choosing our products, we encourage you to communicate with us directly, thus making your purchase more unique via getting to know who created your desired items. By doing so, when your products reach you, you shall love them even more and fully appreciate their beauty and uniqueness.


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